Calories. Who’s Counting?

So, I went out to dinner with the family to Red Robin and was perusing my way through the menu when I came across an odd page in the way back. Here it is…


I thought that this was a very cool thing to see. Made it simple for anyone to order what they want, but swap things out to make it a healthier meal.

So order that burger, but maybe swap the bun for whole wheat, maybe go for turkey and add more veggies like cucumber and jalapeños for more flavor (minus the cheese) and swap out fries for some black beans. It’s almost as if you created your own new burger off the menu!

Don’t have to go to that extreme, but all those small changes can add up. Or you just choose lower calorie choices to make room for that calorie dense dessert. Ha!

I do think more restaurants are going this route and have been. Hopefully people have been using things like this to make healthier choices. More on this in my podcast Episode #7.

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