Butcher Box

Every now and then I’d like to share with all of you things that I buy that I find value in that you might too. So just recently me and my wife have subscribed to Butcher Box. It’s a subscription to get your meats delivered to you. You can tailor it to what you want like, monthly subscription or every 2 months, you can choose what cut of meats you want and what kind of meat you want, and so on.  Down below is our very first Butcher Box…

Inside the deliver box came inside this box in which the meat was individually packaged and frozen and shipped with dry ice.

On the inside of the flap of the box it gave a list of what meats you’ll find inside. We opted for all beef this first go-around.

Here they are! At the time of writing this, we have tried the ground beef, bbq’d the ribeye, tried the chuck in stew, and the meat is really good quality and tasty. We have put in for another month, but upgraded so that we can choose the cut of meats. We did our calculations also and we are spending about the same amount as we would be if we were to go to our local grocery store (typically we go to Safeway). In this case though, we are getting the benefit of always being stocked, not having to go to the grocery store and getting really good quality meat.

Hope you enjoyed!


Not sure how this works, but I think I’m suppose to mention that I’m not sponsored or affiliated with Butcher Box. This is just a service I personally use and wanted to share my experience.

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