Blog More. Be Happier.

In case you are on the fence about going minimalist, take it from this blogger, it works. I’ve started my minimalist journey about 3 months ago and I’m now seeing the effects and you can too! Take a look at my blog post dates. I’m putting out a post a day because I got time to now. But when I say I’ve got time now, I still have the same schedule with work and everything else in life except now I’ve freed up the time in my mind.

I’m still minimizing, but I’ve taken huge strides since I first started. De-cluttered my living space ended up de-cluttering my mind  and it becomes a snowball effect. With my mind clear or clear-er, I’m in a better mood, I sleep better, I’m happier around loved ones, and so on and so on (minimalists can go on for hours on this). Basically, nothing but good things.

Everyone starts a blog to share their thoughts, opinions, stories, art, or whatever it is we want to share. Minimalism WILL help you share more of that and we share because it makes us happier. So, more sharing equals more happiness.

Once you go minimalist, you never go back (sorry, what rhymes with minimalist lol).

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