Hoffman’s | Downtown Redmond, WA

This was our second time visiting Redmond and we actually parked pretty much in the same place as the first time. However, during our first visit we did not try this spot and this time we did…

The front of the shop. There was always a little line forming, but that was also because of social distancing and only allowing 3 customers at a time inside. Either way it was always a steady flow of customers and so during this visit we decided to try it out.
Here is the cinnamon roll.
Here is the almond croissant.

My wife also got a slice of chocolate cake, but I forgot to take a picture of it. I would have to say, and my wife agrees, that this spot was ok at best. If you’ve seen my other post on another pastry shop that my wife and I frequent called The French Bakery, Hoffman’s doesn’t come close. I likened this shop to maybe a commercial pastry shop that produced quantity over quality.

Anyways, if you find yourself in Downtown Redmond, WA I don’t really recommend this spot for your pastry fix, but me and wife did think that the latte was good.

Hope you enjoyed.

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