Debt. It’s Just A Part of Life.

“Can I afford it and does it add value to my life?”

This is question is brought to you by The Minimalists. I’m sure that anyone following a minimalist lifestyle knows about these two gentlemen known as The Minimalists. I’ve been following their podcast for about as long as I’ve been a minimalist (about 3+ months) and this question has only hit now with the podcast episode called “Debt.” Great episode by the way 😉

What a simple and powerful question to ask yourself as you make your way through minimalism!

Minimalism is supposed to help us see the things in your life that truly matter, but how can we do that when we are constantly worrying about money. Now, I don’t have a huge credit card debt and I’m very close to paying it off, but my school loan is absolutely massive. I went to a private graduate school if that is any indication of how much I owe (single tear). So this question is is pretty much always going to be a “no” until I can pay off my loans/credit.

For now, I have to ask myself this question every time I browse the internet, not so much when I walk around stores. For some reason when I walk around the mall with my family or friends its way easier to resist the temptation (who would’ve thought). I think it’s because I can continually go back to the webpage anytime I feel like it (damn you technology and all your convenience!).

Well back to the question at hand. The reason why it’s so powerful is because it helps you assess what the truly important things are in your life…

and it helps if you don’t have debt.

2 thoughts on “Debt. It’s Just A Part of Life.

  1. They are right! Don’t let debt be the death of us! Check out

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