Bye Bye WordPress

Hey everyone! First things first, I want to thank everyone so much for following along with me on my food adventures, my book reads, and my minimalist journey.

I will not be renewing my subscription here, but I will continue to blog about the same things I do on here. Where you may ask? On my new site! My WordPress ends in 15 days, so that is my deadline to get my site up and running. This new website is something I am building on my own as I have recently (within the last 7 months) found a new hobby in web/graphic design.

Anyways, if you want to check out what I’ve built so far, please give me any feedback you may have. It’s truly appreciated. Link below…

Thank you again and if you enjoyed following along with me, please come and join me over at my new site. I will post one more time after this to give everyone the new site to follow.

-Art Loie Espidol

-Registered Foodie

5 thoughts on “Bye Bye WordPress

  1. It’s hard to beat or .org as a platform (CMS). I have build sites for decades, and the sites I’ve built for companies, they have always had WordPress integrated in to handle content. Is your CMS proprietary?

      1. That looks like a very robust CMS, but since you looked into more than I have, what do you see that it has that WordPress does not? Just wondering what the draw was.

      2. Sorry for the slow response. Truthfully it’s the only type of visual editor I’ve uses. As I was learning web design it was the no-code tool that most of the designers I was following were using. So it just became default. But with that being said I enjoy the fact that everything is customizable with no templates and not as buggy (so I’ve heard). Also it was very easy to learn with it being very similar to Figma and Xd.

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