The Third Place | Redmond, WA

It was mostly sunny Saturday so we decided to go out on drive and ended up in Redmond, WA. We wanted to try out a new spot and felt like rice so we found this spot on Yelp. Let’s check it out…

This was the front of the store. When I went inside it looked like they were renovating, but also because of Covid they could have just been closing off all of the restaurant.
To-go box. I guess you could say bento, but it is a Korean shop.
Look at all that food!

The food was delicious, but it was rather pricey. I got two of these orders, one for me and the other for my wife and a side of fries. It came out to about $45 USD. Either way, we enjoyed the food and I would go back if I was in town and really craving Korean food.

Just a side note, this spot was located in downtown Redmond and this place is a nice area to walk around and window shop. There are also lots of restaurants to choose from. We already know we’re going to visit the local ice cream shop that had a long line the next time we’re out there.

Hope you enjoyed.

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