Going Minimalist: an update

It has been about a month since I decided to label myself a minimalist and it’s been…different. A very common theme when you hear others talk about going minimalist is the “freedom.”

This freedom that is often referred stems from the fact that you are no longer tied down to “things.” You’re not worried about posting on instagram and whatever is going on on Facebook. Also, you aren’t worry about if you’re “keeping up with the Joneses.” I absolutely agree with this!

Besides getting rid of clothes, selling shoes, and all my other junk, I got rid of all my social media apps (instagram, twitter, Facebook). Well, that might be a little misleading. I just got rid of them on my phone. I only go on them when I’m at home on my iPad or computer. With those apps not on my phone, I’m no longer thinking about them throughout the day. That is actually quite liberating.

My mindset has actually been changing. Before, you could’ve definitely categorized me as an impulse buyer. Now, I’m always assessing whether I truly need this and that before I make the purchase. If I do buy something, I ran it through my head several times on how exactly I’m going to put it to use. Don’t get me wrong though, nothing wrong with having “things” because I still own a couple things that I just want to have, just to have (ex: my DJI drone, DSLR and my Fuji x100s camera).

Anyways, that’s what has been going on. I’m still downsizing, but other than the obvious of getting rid of your “things”, there are other ways to go minimalist.

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