All or Nothing (To be vegan or not)

So in case you don’t know, I have a couple of podcasts out there that mainly talk about nutrition and other healthy lifestyle (i.e. exercise and meditation). Now you know. With that being said, one of my podcast episodes, which can be found below, was about being a part-time vegetarian (a.k.a. felxitarian). Well, I guess a listener didn’t take to kindly to my thought about being a flexitarian and wrote a “strong” comment. Here it is:

  • choose compasion, just stop paying for products that come from slaughter, hatred and death. HOW IS THAT DIFFICULT? the dairy industry is the meat industry and in many ways much much more disturbing. I don’t agree with this podcast I’m done listening. stop eating death and rape. that simple

I’m glad this person listened and that this person has strong beliefs/opinions and doesn’t hesitate to express them. But I too believe that he/she is going about it the wrong way with making posts like this. I think that even people like Vegan Gains, a popular YouTuber that led me to create this podcast episode, go about it in a not-so-good way (look him up! he is entertaining). Studies show that people don’t respond to well to changing their thought about being a meat eater if you bring to the table the argument of animal cruelty and health. What people do respond to is when it involves their pockets $$$. To the credit of Vegan Gains, he does have an episode that compares what you may spend going vegan versus eating meat and meat products (good episode).

Anyways, the way I was going about it was not with money, but to get people to just decrease their meat intake by have a Meatless Monday. If every one did that, we would be saving billions, with a B, of animals lives. So many factors to consider when trying to get people to stop eating meat. For example, what if in that persons culture, meat is a staple food. Are you going to tell them to stop eating it when it is a way of life for them? Do you think by saying that they are “raping and murdering” animals will affect them in any way when it is what they have been doing since the start of their civilization?

I think that doing “meatless meals” is good direction to in. Not only are people improving health, saving money, but also saving the lives of animals.

Let’s not attack people when we are trying to change minds. It’s just plain ineffective.

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