Always Enjoy What You Just Ate…

Everyone knows that more fruits and veggies in your diet is better for your health, but there is so much more to food. We know that. Food brings people together, it affects us emotionally (happy or sad), it brings us closer to our past (grandma’s old recipes), and much more that I’m sure you can pull off the top of your head.

Food = Joy

However, this doesn’t mean that we should overindulge and just eat whatever we want. Moderation is key and probably the most important part of a diet.

So, with all the emotions that come along with the food we eat, “guilt” shouldn’t be one of them. I’m not saying keep a food diary and be OCD about what you eat, but just be mindful. Just being aware makes all the difference in the world.

Always enjoy what you just ATE, but always remember to moderATE.

I love food. That’s why I write about it, but I’m writing this now to also remind myself and anyone else about an important aspect of eating…too much of a good thing can becone a not so good thing anymore 😉

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