I Think I’m Turning Japanese. I Really Think So.


Yukino Ya Ramen // City of Industry, CA


My order // Nikumiso


The closeup.

This little Ramen shop was a spot me and my sister randomly found on one of our foodie craving trips. As you might be able to tell, it is a tiny shop, but this is an instance where the saying, “good things come in small packages” is very befitting.

When we first arrived, the line was long. The shop probably could fit only 30 to 40 max. Luckily people got impatient and left, but we still waited a good 20 minutes to be seated. Mind you, this was on a weekend.

The service was awesome, very nice and apologetic for the wait, which wasn’t bad at all. Also, the workers/owners were native Japanese. I only mention this because it adds to the experience, but by no means if they’re weren’t, would it take anything away.

So, let’s get to the Ramen!! It was delicious. The soup was tasty. It’s actually a little thicker than what you expect, but now way would say it’s “thick.” It adds a richness to the overall dish. The noodles were flavorful and went well with the ground beef.

If you’ve been to Ajisen for some Ramen, by no means am I saying they aren’t good, but I would say that Yukino Ya is more “authentic” (as if I know what authentic is…Haha).

This is my new go to spot for my Ramen cravings. If you find yourself in the area, I say…enjoy the Ramen!

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