A Foodie’s Oasis


Welcome to the Anaheim Packing House!! That’s little me in the chair down there.


Pumpkin spice ice cream crepe.


Shrimp & pork summer roll.


Garlic fries. Might give your breath a little trouble, but who cares.


Grilled cheese sandwich. Something you can never go wrong with.

All this food found at one location…The Anaheim Packing House in Anaheim, CA. This place is just awesome! It has a very hipster vibe and lots of food choices (as you can see…and I’ve only scratched the surface of all the food available). Also, on the weekends, one can enjoy his or her food indulgence with live music.

Just a great spot for any occasion and a “must go to” for any foodie in the area.
(I can’t believe I’m only visiting this place now, when I live so close!)

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