Practice Makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect, or in other words, repetition will give you the results you want. Through minimalism this has become and ongoing lesson for me. For example, I use to be sneakerholic. I would collect sneakers and I didn’t even wear more than half of what I bought. It was a hobby that didn’t add any value to my life; I was blindly practicing spending my money. Now that I’ve cut down on all that useless buying, I still have those urges to spend on shoes (other things too), but it has become easier and easier to have that urge come and go and be more of a fleeting moment of a “want” that I can do without.

(Above: A patch on my gym bag with a saying by Jocko Willink that can truly be applied to all aspects our lives and something that I try to live by)

Discipline Equals Freedom

It’s been tough, no doubt about that. The reason it’s become easier and easier is because of minimalism making me do more with less because I’m constantly scrutinizing whether I need something or not; consciously deciding whether this thing, whatever it may be, is going to add value into my life.

This is something that I practice daily. It never goes away, but because I do it all the time it’s a reflex that I mindfully do mindlessly (hahaha). I’m sure you get what I’m saying there 😉

The result I want is to only have those things in my life that add value so that I can be better and the things that are more important; my relationships and my experiences in life.

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