So really quickly, I took a trip out to New York to attend a cousins wedding. The wedding was in Poughkeepsie and on a Thursday. That following Friday we took the Amtrak out to the city and went on a food hunt. One of the stops was this spot…

Baohaus is a well known spot out due to it’s owner also being popular, Eddie Huang. Anyways, this place did or does get a ton of hype…the hype is real. The food is deeeelicious! As you can see for yourself down below…

Above on the top is the Coffin Bao with fried chicken and below that (same picture) is the Birdhaus Bao (fried chicken) and the Uncle Jesse Bao (tofu).

Just thought I’d share a close up…and a few more down below 😉

That bao bread though. So soft and just really goes well with that crispy fried chicken. What a great contrast.

Whenever the time comes again for me to visit New York City, this spot is a MUST. The actual spot is a very tiny place. The first picture above of the front of the shop is basically how wide the place is. Also, when you go inside half of the place is taken up by the kitchen and cashier counter. The place could probably only hold about 15 people or less. It’s dimly lit and the walls are covered in stickers newspaper clippings about Eddie Huang. It has a very urban vibe.

Anyways, if you find yourself in New York City, you need to go this place. You won’t regret.

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