Tacocino Gourmet Tacos

So I ended up eating a late lunch with my Dad, little bro, and cousin. We ended up stayed close by (Upland, CA) and hit up a new taco spot called Tacocino. It was pretty good! Here’s what I got/shared with everyone…

(Carne Asada Nachos)

Lots of cheese, but not smothered. I believe the chips are fried there (fresh). The red sauce does have some heat to it, but not overpowering where it takes over everything. Great presentation! Looks good, tasted good.

(Potato Hard Shell Tacos)

These right here did not have meat in it. I repeat, did not have meat. I am cutting down on my red meat intake (side note, I did pick away the meat in the nachos, but I’m sure my companions did not mind at all ’cause more for them). The corn was sweet, but not too much and the potatoes were savory enough to satisfy that umami craving.


Alright, just look at the picture above. That’s about it. Who doesn’t want to chow down on this corn on the cob with all them fixin’s. Good stuff for real.

This spot is pretty small. We actually sat at the bar, which holds only 4 people, so just the right amount for us. There’s two big round tables in the center and then the walls are lined with smaller square tables (I think maybe 3 or 4 on each side). That’s it. The place was clean and modern looking. The service was great! Our server was super friendly and  gave us good small talk.

As for the food, overall it was really good. I enjoyed and would go back again. From what I remember the prices were reasonable, but on the higher end. It is “gourmet tacos” after all.

Once again, if you every find yourself in the Upland, CA area and hankering for some “upscale” Mexican food, drop by this spot and let me know how it goes!

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