I’d Rather Meal Prep

So here it is…this is my second week doing my meal preps. Only 2 weeks in and one thing I have to say, I don’t crave eating out anymore. That’s just crazy! A little background might be in order here…I am a person who pretty much ate out for almost every meal, every day (I watched my choices and would make the healthiest choices I could, but of course). Now don’t get me wrong, do I love the act of eating out and discovering new foodie spots? 100% I DO, But now when I do eat out, which has only been once over these past 2 weeks, man was it a treat! It was a great thing and an awesome side effect of meal prepping and just cooking at home…and let’s not forget just overall healthier.

Well let’s see what I made this week….


Starting from left to right (2 meals each):

  • Fried tofu mixed in a Korean ummm….mixture (LOL) on top of rice and topped of with some green onions.
    • Korean mixture = sesame oil, soy sauce, rice vinegar, garlic, and the key ingredient…red pepper powder, fine.
  • chicken wrap: mixed salad greens, chicken, tomatoes, flour tortilla.
    • I grabbed some salad dressing at work at the cafeteria’s salad bar (free, Ha! Gotta do what you gotta do)
  • Rotisserie chicken and mixed veggies (frozen) on top of rice.
    • I heated up the veggies just in a pan with olive oil and then sprinkled it with garlic salt.

Full disclosure…I did buy the rotisserie chicken at the supermarket. You know, the ones that are already cooked. Even with that said, I still saved money and got multiple meals out of it. Everything else I “cooked.” 😉

Hope this gives you new ideas on your next meal prep!


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