Melt (Inside Super H Mart)

So I frequent a Korean super market for groceries, called Super H Mart (or just H Mart), but inside they have a mini food court (maybe 4 – 5 choices). I so happen try a spot called Melt. Down below I tried their bulgogi fries. Check it out…

I enjoyed the thick fries with this dish. They were crisp and not soggy (very nice). The meat was tender and the sauce added just enough sweetness. Who doesn’t like a combo of salty and sweet. This was good enough for 1 and good enough as a main dish.

TIP: we shouldn’t be buying our groceries on an empty stomach, we might tend over indulge our shopping carts. With that said I ate these fries before I went and picked out my groceries 😉

Side note: I do believe I may have another post from this same spot wandering somewhere in my blog about a burger I had. So yes, they serve burgers too. All with a Korean  flavor to it.

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