Kountry Folks: Serving Up Homestyle Goodness

Kountry Folks is a home style restaurant that you can visit out in Riverside, CA (SoCal). They serve pretty much what you would think of when read the name. They have chicken, chicken waffles, pancakes, sandwiches, ribs, pies, mash potatoes and more. I personally have not tried anything other than what we are about to look at down below, but my family has tried everything else and they enjoy…we’ve been back twice since! So, what about them fries?


This right here is known as the “California Fries.” It had these crispy golden fries topped with cheese, ranch, onions, tomatoes, and bacon. Now, usually when I think of anything “California” I automatically think avocado, but these did not. The avocados missing did not take away from this dish at all, but if it did have avocados it would’ve taken these fries to another level. This came in full size and half size portions, this is full size. It was big enough to be my meal, which is why it was.

Even though I’m only covering an appetizer, this restaurant has a very homey vibe. I think the decor definitely adds to that vibe. Has a little bit of that House on the Prairie kind of feel. The staff is also very nice.

If you’re in the mood for some good ole American comfort food, this is a nice spot to try out.

Side note: if you want to see the full menu, you can do so at www.kountry.com

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