Our Community

I am a very strong believer in Community. I think that if we just take the first step in getting to know who our neighbors are, it will lead to us taking care of one another. We all have our personal spaces, so I might not be going to every single neighbor of mine and digging into their life stories, but one thing I do do is make it a point to greet them if I run into them. I feel that it lets them know that I am approachable and if need be, I can help within my capacity.

Now with minimalism…

Being a minimalist has also led me to a new community. It’s great to see so many minimalist here and on other social media connecting and sharing their stories about minimalism. It’s a community where we take care of one another by motivating, inspiring, giving tips, and much more.

I think we all should take care of our community, because one community can help another community and soon that can spread like wild fire.

The community of Earth.

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