Short Term Is The Long Term.

“Short term actions align with long term values.”

This quote was said by one of The Minimalists in the episode 015 Consumerism. This really resonated with me and brought me back to why I want to be a minimalist.

We all go through it, getting rid of things, turning down gifts or invitations, etc. We do this because one of the goals of being a minimalist is definitely saving money or at least not spending, most likely mindlessly, on things we used to.

For me, my long term value is to not worry about bills, travel when I want, and spend the majority of my energy on having experiences with friends and family. For this to happen, I have to align the short term actions that I do, such as packing my lunch everyday and not going out with friends for brunch every weekend.

Do you consciously look at your day-to-day actions and think, “will this contribute to my long term values?”


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