Bright Star Thai Vegan Cuisine

Absolutely love this spot. I don’t go all the time. I would say within the last 3 months I’ve gone twice, but when I do go…I enjoy every bite of it!

Above is the menu. Just thought I’d share the cover and what vegan means to this restaurant 🙂

Below is my crispy chicken meal. A gluten meat substitute kind of chicken that is. Crispy, tasty, moist on the inside, light, and just plain delicious. I haven’t had a dish here that I didn’t like. I do have to make a disclaimer, I grew up on meat substitutes so that is my bias. I  already know I’ll like it! But they way Bright Star prepares their meat substitute is above and beyond the frozen and canned foods that I use to eat growing up.

As for the actual restaurant, it’s a small spot. It’s mainly booths on the perimeter with one side being the kitchen and service counter. In the middle are the larger tables for possible big party’s, but its just one row of tables. I’ve never had to wait for a table all the times I’ve been, but the customers are a steady flow. So it’s busy, but never felt cramped.

If you find yourself in Rancho Cucamonga, California, take that time to make it your “meatless monday” (if your not already vegan) and enjoy some good food at Bright Star Thai Vegan Cuisine. Not just a recommendation, but a must go.

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