I Don’t Mind Being In The “Dog Haus”


This is what started our trip out this little hot spot out in West Covina, CA. Tater tots smothered in cheese!


And this is the “Tae Kwon Dog.” That egg on top gets me drooling every time.

Just a little bit about where Dog Haus is located:
It is located in a small plaza with other food spots. The biggest reason most frequent this area is because of 85c Bakery (fresh bread and pastries). I was there on a Tuesday night and it was not that busy, but still a hand full of customers. Inside is not so big, maybe around 40 to 50 people at most could dine in at one time. The vibe was chill and the customer service was friendly.

Now for the food. The cheesy tater tots were okay. I’m not sure if it is the real flavor that they are going for, but the cheese tasted a little burnt. The little black flecks you might see in the picture is not pepper, but I believe its burnt “stuff” from the grill. We still ate all of it though, hahaha! The Tae Kwon Dog was good. It had more of a teriyaki flavor than a kimchi flavor (you may have guessed from the name that it was kimchi inspired). As for the egg on top, my list is short on what ISN’T good with fried egg. The egg makes it a must try. Also, the bun is not your standard hot dog bun, it’s Hawaiian bread!!!

If you’re ever in the area, give this place a try. Ketchup and mustard on your hot dog is so “two thousand and late.” -Fergie-

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