I’ll Take 2 Over 4 Any Day

Yesterday, was my second bike ride in more than a month and as I was biking I forgot WHY I bike.

I bike for several reason (transportation, exercise, saving money), but I would say the main reason I bike is to soak in my environment. I get to really see, smell, and feel everything around me as I bike through my neighborhood, my city, and other peoples neighborhoods and cities.

In my neck-of-the-woods, it is more desert and a hilly kind of area, but even in a “barren” place beautiful scenery can be found. As I was biking and the sum was setting, the hills and open fields came alive with golden beauty and since I was biking, I could see the pastures teeming with squirrels, field mice and birds swooping right in front of me.

Only on a bicycle.

In our moments of intolerance, let’s remember that goodness and beauty can be found in everything and anyone. We are not all too different from one another.

We are all part of the Human Race.

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