Anastacio Kali Association | Online Training in Filipino Martial Arts

If you know the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), you know that it is a difficult martial art to train without a live partner. Because of the global pandemic, many BJJ gyms have ended up closing due to finances or heavy restriction make it hard to keep students and keep the gym open. This led me to train at home via zoom, with homemade grappling dummies and using BJJ movements to stay active. Training this way can only last so long for me. So, I decided to look for training in other martial arts on YouTube and it has brought me here…

This was a couple months ago so hopefully I’ve improved since then. HA! Anways, this is a sinawali with some heaven and earth six and tapi tapi transitions. In the beginning of the video I was showing of my brand new (at the time) Kali phenolic sticks by Budo Brothers.

I have been training in Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) since April/May time frame of this year and it’s been awesome! More specifically, I’ve been training under Maestro Mark Anatstacio at his academy called Anastacio Kali Association (AKA) and when I say at “his academy” I mean online!

Same as with BJJ, FMA or any martial art for that matter is best trained with training partners. However, training with Maestro Mark and they way he has set up his online training works out better than any online BJJ class does.

If you have any questions about training with Anastacio Kali Association you can find the website here: Also, you can absolutely ask me as well. If you do check it out, FYI, I’m and Elite member.

Just thought I’d also share some of my BJJ training.

Here’s me doing some knee on belly surfing drills with a very special training partner…TOTORO! Despite my main focus on FMA right now, I continue to pepper in some BJJ training to keep the gears greased.

Hope you enjoyed! Now go and train.

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