Essential | Essays by The Minimalists

Living intentionally is what I’m trying to do daily. One of the ways that’s kept me motivated in trying to lead a minimal lifestyle was this audio book…

I listened to it during my morning drives to work and back home. It is a collection of essays that The Minimalists wrote (mostly JFM) and they don’t expect anyone to read it straight through and just pick and choose which essay you want to read about. Since it was an audio book I just listened to it straight through and glad I did.

If I had the physical copy and just perused at my leisure, it either would’ve collected dust or I would’ve missed so many of the golden nuggets found in almost every single essay.

Anyways, I recommend this book and especially as an audio book. If anything, I think it’s worth giving a listen to or a read because it helps keep you thinking minimalistic and living intentionally. Plus the reader does a good job. I think he reads in the way the writer said it in his head when he wrote it.

Hope you enjoyed.

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