Landmark 1850 Inn | Milwaukee, WI (Airport)

So this past week my job sent me to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and I had to stay at the an airport hotel the first night. Well, by the time we landed it was dinner time so my and my coworker decided to take a 10 minute walk down the road to this spot…

Point of view from our small table. It was definitely an old style looking bar. Outside the front door it even had a plaque that said it was a protected historical sight.

The front of the menu. It gave a whole history about the spot.

Here’s inside the menu. I chose the Angus Bacon and Bleu burger.

Finally, this was the burger. Not sure if I was just starving from the flight, but despite that this looks like and ordinary burger, it was delicious. The bleu cheese was more like spread than it was crumbles, which made every bite cheesy bleu. Our waitress was also very friendly.

I would actually go back here again if I ever found myself in Milwaukee, WI

Bonus: Wanted to share my super expensive apple crumble pie and sparkling water I got back at the hotel for dessert.

Of course I had to share a close up. Oh and did I mention that I opted for the caramel drizzle. Had to fancy it up. Ha!

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