Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Just thought I’d share a “business trip” I went on last week to Lake Geneva in Wisconsin. It was a pretty meaningful trip that also included some food. So here it is…

This “business trip” is specifically for Veteran employees, or as we like to say, Teammates. Not only is it awesome to work for a company that is super Vet friendly, but going on this trip and connecting with other Veterans again was THE best.

Day #1 was a Service Day where we spent some time at a Christmas tree farm and help curate some growing trees that eventually will be donated to the troops (Trees for Troops).

Here’s couple of us getting ready to do some work!

Got served some sliders for lunch.

Later that night we got to eat dinner on the lake…in a boat! Super nice, real scenic, and so relaxing.

Speaking of relaxing, we also got to drink some beers. I had to go with the local beer call the Spotted Cow. It was pretty tasty.

The meal on the boat was steak. The perfect meal to go with one of Milwaukee’s finest beer.

Anyways, not sure Milwaukee sounds like a random place to visit (it did to me, HA!), but if you ever find your self over there and can make it to Lake Geneva it is a must.

Hope you enjoyed!


Side note: If you’re a Veteran or a family member of a Veteran and want to know more, please reach out and let me know. That really goes out to anyone. Thank you!

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