Terra Plata | Seattle, WA

It was my wife’s and I two year anniversary so we made reservations to have brunch at Terra Plata…

This was a view of the restaurant from the across the street. It was nice cause this side of the had sliding window/doors that opened up all the way and it so happened to be a very nice day. If you look up top, there is rooftop dining.

Looking inside from when you first get greeted by the host. Very hipster and back there, there is a bar.

We ended up choosing to eat on the rooftop and this is what it looked like. The place was empty, but filled up within the hour. It opened at 9:30am and we had reservations for 9:30am. We’re early birds.

When we made the reservations they did ask if it was for a special occasion. We were pleasantly surprised when our menu greeted us with a “Happy Anniversary Art & Michiko.” We kept them of course. Oh…and they gave us free glasses of champagne! Okay, let’s get to the food…

Our appetizer were the highly recommended Churros. They were not a disappointment and that chocolate dip was divine.

I got the Biscuits and Gravy.

My wife got the Mussels and Clams.

This was a fun experience on a sunny Pacific Northwest day. If you’re in the Seattle, WA area then this might be a spot you want to check out.

Hope you enjoyed!

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