Zen Ramen & Sushi Burrito | Tacoma, WA

Thank goodness for Yelp. I must say, it is The go to for whenever I’m in a new area. This was the next spot Yelp took me…Zen Ramen & Sushi Burrito…

This is the front of the shop as I was walking up to it from the street side parking.

With the curtains draped over the front door, it gave it a little authentic feeling.

Video of my view from the table that I was sitting at and also to give you a feel and vibe of the place.

There is a room off to the side that is kind of like a small dining area on its own and this was the wall art…Naruto! So awesome!

(If you don’t know Naruto, it’s a very popular Japanese anime and one that I really like)

Oh yes! This right here is the Firecracker Sushi Burrito. So good! If you can tell from this picture, the outside has a bit of a crust and that’s because it was deep fried! Really doesn’t get any better.

Just thought I’d also include a solo shot. Ha! But this is a spot that I definitely am going to go back to and try another sushi burrito….and of course their Ramen.

If you find yourself in the Tacoma area, this is a must stop I would say.

Hope you enjoyed!

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