Little Park Restaurant | Spanaway, WA

So me and my coworkers and starting a monthly breakfast get together. This was the spot that was chosen….

The front of Little Park Restaurant. A nice little diner for some good old american breakfast or brunch.

Quick look at the menu. I of course always try and order the food item with the actual shop’s name (especially when it is my first time), so…

This is the Little Park Omelette. Big portion size. Filled with cheese, sausage, bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, and tomatoes. I’m probably missing something, but either way it was packed. Tasty and just what you would expect from an omelette.

If you ever find you way through Spanaway (rhyming not intended, but good huh), this would be a spot to satisfy your breakfast cravings.

Hope you enjoyed!

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