Lucha Libre Taco Shop | San Diego, CA

So I flew out of San Diego, CA for a work related trip and when I got back my brother and cousin picked me up from the airport. My brother is a foodie as well as is always checking out Yelp for the next hot spot and so he took us to this joint called Luche Libre Taco shop…

This is the outside of the taco shop. It’s joined up right next to a bar. So actually it was a bit confusing because we initially thought the line was for the taco shop, but it was actually for the bar.

This is inside. We were sitting pretty much off the the opposite side, so it wasn’t very big.

This was just some cool wall art that they had inside of the restroom. The picture tiles were of luchadores (wrestlers).

Ok ok. The food is here…

Above was my order. This is the Tap Out Taco. So good! I ordered 2 of these tacos and they were enough to fill me up. They are not your typical street sized tacos.

…and now the close-up.


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