Rice & Spice Thai Cuisine| Moreno Valley, CA

At work, no matter what the topic of the conversation is, if it didn’t start with food it always ends up being about food. With that said, my coworker was telling me about a curry noodle dish that was at a Thai restaurant right in my backyard. Right then and there we set out to go and have dinner there after work and this is what I got at Rice & Spice Thai Cuisine…

Krapow Tacos: What a great starter. This could have easily been the main course, but it was a fusion food I never had before I had to have it.

Enter Street Curry Noodle: I will start of by saying, I would put this up against any of your favorite Ramen spots. This was a huge portion and so tasty! If you like Thai yellow curry, which I do, you will definitely love this dish. I would pretty much say it’s just like it, but thinner as it is a soup, but the noodles, oh the noodles! I usually get this curry with rice, but getting it with noodles changes the experience to something completely different and there was plenty of noodles to last almost all the  curry.

If you find yourself in Moreno Valley, California…Go…just GO.

Hope you enjoyed!

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