Fukuoka and Nagasaki, Japan | Food Tour

Thought I’d just share a couple of food pics with everyone. During this trip to Japan I visited Fukuoka and Nagasaki. You’ll probably see some of these pictures again as I write about them individually, but I wanted to share them with you now. Here you go in no particular order. Enjoy!


One of my favorite family style restaurants is called ガスト (Gusto).


The famous Sasebo Burger.


Apple puff pastries


This strawberry pancake was just delicious.


This is from Yoshinoya and it was a limited time offer called カルビ丼.


This was pretty cool to get french toast on a hot skillet.


In the left cup was green tea and on the right side 甘酒 (amazake). There was rice in the amazake and it was served hot.


Matcha on the right and on the left was like a pastry with red bean inside called 梅ヶ枝餅. Really good.


Of course I got モスバーガー Mos Burger!


Ramen. ‘Nough said.

I hope you enjoyed!

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