Marinoa City, Fukuoka | Pier Walk

As we walked a bit of ways through mostly housing and apartments after getting off the train station, we finally arrived at our destination…


We made it to the Pier Walk and Outlet.


Here’s a little closer look at the ferris wheel.


It was right by the water and it is called the Pier Walk, so here’s a view of the water right next to the stores.

Right where the ferris wheel is there is also an arcade. Just some cool games and prizes to win. Gudetama and Dragon Ball Z!


Now for the real important stuff…the food court.


This was the spot we decided on, Tabelto!


I got me some fried chicken and rice. It was very good. The chicken did not feel heavy and I believe it’s because the breading was not your typical breading. Just looking at it, it looks lighter (hope you get what I’m saying Hahaha).


My wife got her some taco rice. Yes, that is correct, taco rice. I found it really interesting to be able to get taco rice in Japan. I had a bite and it was delicious.


Also, just wanted to share this photo of wet clothes that were available to clean up after yourselves in the middle of the food court. Pretty cool!

Hope you enjoyed!

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