Bao Down | San Francisco

Thank you Instagram and hashtags ’cause that is how I found this spot called Bao Down in SF. Here are some of the foods that I tried…

Kimchi fries


From front to back: Jaws (cod fish), Lechon (crispy pork),

Bao Chicka Bao Bao

Just another angle of 2 Jaws Baos that were given to us on the house.

So, this restaurant is actually pretty big for a spot in SF. It has a very urban vibe with graffiti on the wall, but surprisingly when I was there the crowd was actually older. I think this is because this spot is owned by a Filipino actor (an “older” one that is), Martin Agustin. Also, there was a DJ who played good music, at least my kind of music 😉 The price of the food was on the higher end, but I was there with good friends and met good people, so it was worth it.

The food was good. I really like the take on the Bao and the fusion of Filipino food. This is a spot that I am definitely going to go back to. If you find yourself in Norther California and in the city of San Francisco, I would say that this is a place to visit for some good grub.

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