SomiSomi | Korea Town L.A.

So my friend took me to Korea Town in Los Angeles and we dropped by an ice cream spot that was POPPIN’. Lost of young people, but it was overly crowded. Anyways, this is what we got…

I’m on the right and I got an ube and black sesame swirl and my friend on the left got and ube and vanilla swirl.

Just a close up of mine 😉

Well, this spot is located in a 3, or maybe it was 4, floor plaza. Asian/Korean stores of course and the movie theater also showed Korean movies. It was a chill spot and a place maybe you can spend an hour or two browsing the shops while you get your ice cream on. Also, if you plan on chilling out by the shop, there’s really no place to sit. There are a couple of tables off to the side, but most of the people (including me) were just hanging of the side railings looking out towards the rest of the plaza (you might be able to see the view of the plaza in one of the pictures).

Anyways, if you find yourself in Korea Town in L.A. drop by and indulge your sweet tooth.

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