Maya | NYC

Another spot a visited in New York, the day of my flight back home to California, was a Mexican restaurant called Maya. We came here for a brunch buffet and it was awesome! I must say, when I think buffet, I envision grabbing an empty plate and walking over to the food and choosing what I want and happily plopping everything on to my plate; this is not the case at this brunch buffet. They give you menu and you order and they serve you the dishes family style (you can see further down down below). Since we were indecisive in what we wanted, our server just said he would start to bring out dishes, so we pretty much sampled a bit of most things and continued to order the things we liked. Amazing! Anyways, let’s see some pics…

Part of the front entrance. There were two entrances, I believe this one leads you straight to the bar.

Family style. This was only round 1. There was 5 of us by the way 😉

Chicken Tacos. The pickled onions were the icing on the cake. So good!

Chicken tamales.

I forget the exact name, but it this was bread, banana, and….NUTELLA! Need I say more.

If you’re starving and want to really get your grub on, this is the place. It is pricey. It was $45 per person, but I felt it was worth it. Oh I forgot to mention, it was also unlimited mimosas…with different flavors I might add (not just orange juice).

So if you find yourself in New York City, this might not be on a “must visit” list, but if you are into buffets or really want to just chow down on good Mexican food (and get a bit tipsy), this is THE spot. Don’t forget to make reservations, it will get packed!

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