Kith Cereal Bar | NYC

If you’re into sneakers or high end urban wear, then you know Kith. This was another spot that I wanted to visit. In my previous life (I’m now a proud minimalist) I probably would’ve wanted to buy everything in the store, but I didn’t come for the sneakers or clothes, I came for, what else…the food!

(above: the front of the store)

This was the cereal bar! Just the front corner of the shop.

I got cinnamon toast crunch and on the opposite side of the cereal was toffee (and yes it’s in a shoe box like “bowl”). After putting the toffee into the cereal and chowing down, the combination was and is brilliant! Anyways…

Not much for me to say about this spot and whether you should go visit or not, but if you happen to be near the Barclay stadium in New York and happen to walk by the Kith shop…why not grab a shoe box of cereal 😉

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