Kuma Sushi | Upland, CA

This is a local sushi spot that I recently went to for the first time, to celebrate my sister’s birthday. Anyways, I think most California sushi spots are very similar. With that being said, this place had friendly, speedy service. Dining area was clean and didn’t feel too crowded (like most sushi places I’ve been to). Prices were fair, 2 dollar signs “$$” on yelp.

Monkey ball….roll? Not sure if this is consider a “roll”, but either way it’s tasty.

Soba! Probably one of my favorites. Such a simple dish. Cold buckwheat noodles that you dip into a sauce and slurp up. So good.

Yakisoba. Just order it. Delicious.

Do you have a favorite sushi spot? What makes it better than any other spot.

If you’re ever in the Upland area, check out this spot if you’re feeling Japanese.

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