The Hangout Spot

I think it’s safe to make the assumption that most minimalists are big time book readers too. So, what’s better than saving space and keeping this to a minimum than going to the library and borrowing books or reading them right then and there.

I must first admit that I was one to go straight to Barnes & Noble, browse, get me some Starbucks, and then buy a book or two. I for sure was not thinking. It truly was the fleeting moment of joy of buying a new book; a joy that was not lasting or even real joy.

Back to the library…

Not only does it save you space by not having a collection piling up, but it will save you money, but not just because you aren’t buying any books, but because it’s free air conditioning! Yup, in times of these extreme weather we are all experiencing, the library can keep you safe from the elements and keep you occupied.

Go to the library and make it the hangout spot.

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