Having Less Gives You More

Something that you hear quite often from other minimalists on YouTube or any other format (mine is mainly YouTube), is something or other along the lines of, “there is nothing bad about having things, but owning less actually gives you more time to go out, spend less time cleaning, travel, and…” so on and so on.

I never really understood this and some people who hear this  typically have an attitude of, “what a douche” or “you think you’re better than me.” Myself, I did kind of roll my eyes when hearing things like this. However, once I started to get rid of my things, minimizing started to take over and the truth is…it’s true!

It is a snowball effect. Since I’m no longer consumed by the latest and greatest gadget, the newest sneaker out, or what new camera gear can I get, I appreciate the time I spend with friend and family much more. Sounds a little odd, but because my mind is not taken over by material things, I have time to think. That’s it. Just think. By thinking more about my work, I’m more concentrated and perform better. This in tuns can lead to more success, which is has! Also, this means I can think more about my family/friends and life, which means I am more attentive to my the people around me making our moments together that much more precious and they can feel that. And so can I.

I still own things. Absolutely there is nothing inherently wrong with owning things. Whenever I hear or see new tech or shoes, I still enjoy it, but I’m no longer pining over those things.

Try it! Go Nike and “just do it.” I’m positive you’ll see and feel what I’m talking about here.

Quick update: I’m still in the process of selling my sneaker collection. I’m also trying to weed out all of my sentimental things (so thankful for my camera phone, which is an easy way to keep those memories close by with a photo). I’ve donated tons to Goodwill and I’m still chipping away. This has so far been a 2 month process and I’m giving myself until the end of this month, June 2016, to been as minimized as possible.

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