I saw this article just now and right before, I decided to download instagram on my iPhone. I recently was also trying to be a digital minimalist by only having it on my iPad, which I leave at home. This would prevent me from mindlessly thumbing through pictures throughout the day…and it worked! Not sure why I gave in just now, but I’m deleting it from my phone right now. Just a momentary lapse 😉

By the way, this is an awesome post!

Lately there’s been a shift toward ‘digital minimalism’ — cleaning out your inbox, spending less time swooning at Instagram-worthy pictures and streamlining your online presence. Most of us have a social media account, but choosing not to do so will put you on a path to rediscovering the value of your time and will make…

via Why I Ditched Social Media and Never Looked Back — And Then We Saved

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