Let’s Just Go With Flexitarian

It’s been about a month now since I’ve been trying to go back to vegetarianism. I think my mind has changed a bit. I first have to start off by quoting myself (it’s on my website registeredfoodie.com), “the world may revolve around money, but people’s lives revolve around food. Whether you love to cook at home, eat out, or wine and fine dine, schedules are tailored around eating time.” I really do believe this and I know that people eat all different types of food including meat. I would say that if you combined all my meals since I first decided to go vegetarian, about 90% of my meals were just that. I want to keep this 90% rate going and I’m fine with that. I know some will definitely disagree with me, but I don’t want to limit myself to vegetarian dishes only. Eating is very social and if I’m the only one not digging in on the dishes because I’m a “vegetarian” then I exclude my self from the biggest parts of eating…socializing!

I guess that’s it. I think I can officially say that I’m a flexitarian, part time vegetarian, or whatever term there is for someone who mostly eats vegetarian. This is where I’m at and I think this is where I’m going to stay..

…but in the meanwhile, enjoy…TOFU!

(These were some foods I had at a BBQ at my sister’s house. Reviews on these in a later post)



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