Red Hot Kitchen


The place…Red Hot Kitchen.
Where…Loma Linda, CA.

This little slice of heaven is call the Kimchi Super Fries. The restaurant is a fusion of Korean, Mexican, and I believe a little bit of Filipino. The serve traditional Bibimpap to bulgogi tacos to pancit burritos.

The shop is very small, usually crowded at lunch, but the service is friendly and the food is good.

Going back to the kimchi super fries, it is delicious! It is comparable to your typical carne asada fries, but with of course, the kimchi ingredient. You can choose what meat you want, and if you know anything about Loma Linda, you can get any of the dishes vegetarian. I typically get it with the veggie beef. It offers a little bit of sweetness to the overall dish, which compliments the saltiness of the fries and helps balance out the flavor of the kimchi. They use a thick cut for the fries, an I usually like a thinner cut with my carne asada fries, but it goes well with this dish. It is served in a taco salad shell that you can munch on, but I don’t really eat it. The dish is fairly large, so it is perfect to share with 1 or 2 more people.

Definitely a spot to consider visiting if you are in town.

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