I Scream. You Scream…Ice Cream!


Went with an old high school friend to “The” ice cream spot out in Fountain Valley, CA called Afters.

At 10pm it was a full shop, with the line going out the door. We must have waited about an hour or so for our sweet treat.


We finally got it!! So was it worth it?

I apologize, I do not remember the official names of the flavors (some reviewer. Sheesh!), but it was a two scoop. The one on top was a coffe flavor and the bottom, an almond cookie flavor.

So…yes. It is worth the wait, but with one caveat…only if you’re in town.

If I wanted to get some Afters ice cream I would have to drive about an hour or more from my house. Ice cream is good, but not that good. We just happen to be in town so we went.

So, if you’re in the neighborhood and have a hankering for ice cream, I say GO! Worth it.

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