Snow Monster

Place: Snow Monster

Where: Westminster, CA

Background: This shop can be found in Little Saigon. It’s a bit tricky to find it, since it is a small shop, but that is always part of the allure of venturing out and finding that foodie spot.  The shop is small, has a few outside seating, and it also provides cards and some other games while you chill inside and drink your drinks and eat your sweets. It serves drinks with or without boba, some options for ice cream, and the ever popular macaroons (side note, I have never had one, with no plans of ever trying. I don’t know why. Ha!). Part of the charm of this place is the souvenir “jar” you can get your drink in. I passed on it, but it is kind of cool; heavy on the “kind of.” 

My order: The picture above is what I ordered and it was quite tasty. You have the option of getting your ice cream in a cookie sandwich or a cup. I got a pistachio and macadamia/white chocolate ice cream sandwich. So, if you are following me along (much appreciated), in my indulgence of food, you will find that I don’t like my sweets to sweet. With that said, I’m a pistachio ice cream kind of guy and they are typically not that sweet of an ice cream. This is no exception. I’ve also have had pistachio ice cream where the pistachio flavor was overbearing, usually because the pistachios inside were old or going bad. This was not like that. Don’t get me wrong, it is ice cream so it has it’s sugar content. If you like Thrifty ice cream (which I most definitely do!), then this is 1 or 2 steps above that. It is good ice cream and the macadamia/white chocolate cookies make it even better. The cookies are a little too sweet for my taste, but the ice cream with nuts and the cookie with nuts, compliment the sweetness.

Overall, delicious and also a “sweet” spot to hang out for a leisurely day out with good company.

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