Help Me Help You Help Me Help You….

As usual, I was going through all my random picture on my phone and came across this one. It’s from a Korean restaurant, that I don’t remember eating at.

I read that part about asking “for more” and it got me thinking. Some of us around the world are so privileged to even ask for more food!

I’m actually on vacation right now (which again I am truly “blessed” to even be able to do) and all I’m doing is stuffing my face. I am so glad to browse through my pictures and run across this one to bring me back to my senses.

I need to go back to practicing moderation, not only for my own health, but as the place mat says in the picture, “for Earth” as well.

Earth, not only does this picture being me back to my senses about moderation, but how my eating habits go full circle; Earth’s circle. From environment to human beings.

Globally speaking, as the gap widens between the North and the South on all levels, we are not becoming more independent. We must realize that Earth thrives on a symbiotic relationship with all living creatures.


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