Title. (simple enough?)

So I went for a little bike ride on my fixie and took this picture and posted it on my Instagram (yeah…I do that too). Well, the little caption I pit was:

Shifting gears…ain’t nobody got time for that.

So, as I continued my bike ride after that quick social media plug in, I got to thinking once again about what I posted.

A fixie bike is simple. It only has just the one cog to turn your wheel, no gears to shift through, so really nothing to worry about. Going up inclines might be a bit of a struggle because one can’t simply shift to a lower gear. The give and take is that a person can just enjoy the ride for what it is and take in his or her surrounding with a little more attention.

Sometimes working hard at the simple things is what makes the simple things more enjoyable and satisfying than the quick fixes and the instant gratification our society is now thriving on.

Live simple. Enjoy life. Life gives you all that you need.

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