MiSo | Fit. Fast. Fresh.

While running an errand out in Lacey, Washington, my wife and I decided to try and check out a new food spot and came across MiSo. We are kind of on a path to try and eat healthier and this popped up on Yelp. Anyways, check it out…

The menu from the drive through. I like getting the dish that’s local, but I did not go with the Seahawk. As you can see, you can customize your order and I find it akin to Chipotle.
I ended up with the Sumo (right) and my wife got the Classic (left). The style which we decided to get both our food in was the Nori Wrap. It was wrapped in seaweed like a big ol’ sushi!

My Sumo Nori Wrap was good. It was a little spicy with the kimchi, but flavorful and not overpowering. I had a bite of my wife’s Classic Nori Wrap and it was also flavorful, but on the sweet side from the marinade or sauce on the beef. The seaweed wrap did make it a bit more messy and we decided the next time that we would just get it in a burrito style.

In the end, it’s a healthier choice fast food chain. It was started by a couple in Olympia, Washington which me and my wife always try to get some local or regional food when we take trips outside of our small city. The food was good, filling, and local. So, if you find yourself in Washington and hankering for some Asian fusion fast food, this spot is a good choice.

Hope you enjoyed.

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