James Reece | Books By Jack Carr

Title of this post is that of the main character in the series of books about a (former) Navy SEAL.

It’s been a while since a posted anything about the books I’m reading, but I have still been reading. I’ve actually been doing more audio books than actual reading lately, but I’m OK with that. Anyways, one of the more current books I’ve been reading has been by Jack Carr and here they are in order…

This book was obviously what got me hooked and led me to read the following two books. It was fast paced, action was awesome, and trying to figure out what is going on along with James Reece makes it so fun to read. Sometimes I even imagined I was Reece, which was WAY cool to pretend to be a Navy SEAL.
True believer is a bit slower than the first book. The conspiracy is more involved and I personally had a little trouble following along, but eventually got it down. Once again, the action was thrilling.
The latest book, but I believe not the last was also just a good read and if you didn’t catch on, the action is packed. As an action movie junkie, this book absolutely fills that need for adrenaline that I get from movies like The Raid with Iko Uwais.

To briefly sum up 3 books without giving much away, once again, you follow a Navy SEAL who gets wrapped up in a conspiracy that involved his SEAL unit while deployed that had to do with testing out a new drug for PTS/D. This leads to his family being killed and you find out how high it goes up in the government this conspiracy goes and that it doesn’t matter who you are, Reece will have his revenge.

As that episode comes to an end, it truly doesn’t because some of his friends were involved, got killed, are being hunted down, so Reece once again must use his special operations skills to uncover more government conspiracies that not only involve the USA, but overseas as well.

With Reece getting involved with worldly conspiracies his friends also get caught up in all the mess and once again Reece is there to deliver the finishing blow.

As of writing this post, there is going to be a fourth book out titled The Devil’s Hand and I cannot wait to get my hands on this one.

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